Can’t Login into Facebook Account?

Facebook login problems have been increasing at a steep rate with the increase in popularity of social media platform. Different situations occur on a sudden basis that trouble users to a huge extent when they enter the login credentials to gain access to the Facebook account. But page turns blank and keeps loading. Sometimes, the situation is such like the user is not able to access a bit of the Facebook login page or Facebook does not load completely.

What to be done in such kind of situation?

Around 800 million people worldwide are accessing this social media platform on a frequent basis to have any easy communication with friends as well as to interact with people in different groups on which they are already subscribed.

Facebook Login problems are being faced by mass people on a persistent basis and have become a tough task for majority users in this world. They have no idea about the reasons behind this issue as well as the strategies for how to solve Facebook Login problem in a feasible way.

Here are the certain the reasons behind Facebook login issues and solution to be implied in quick time.

  • Check whether FB login credentials are entered correctly. Users have a tendency to change their login password after every few days. Though, they remember the login id as it is the registered email address that needs to be entered. Do not keep making login attempts with invalid sign-in credentials as the Facebook block or suspend the account on the basis of suspicious activity to make unauthorized access.


Just reset Facebook password at the earliest if you have forgotten the same for regaining successful access to the social media account. Logout from all other devices from where the Facebook account has been accessed till now.



  • There is a huge probability of Facebook account getting hacked if the user is not able to access the FB account even after entering correct login credentials with updated password that was changed, a few days back. With the emergence of smartphone device, users prefer accessing the Facebook account through WiFi.


But they are unaware that in public places, the free WiFi. Connection available is always insecure as scammers plot the things to hack Facebook account details without wasting a second in order to use it for malicious purpose. In order to prevent this kind of malevolent activities, all you need to look for the hacked FB account recovery option and follow the on-screen instructions in a proper way for regaining access to a Facebook account with the legitimate login details.


  • Ask your friends, whether they are able to access the Facebook account. If not, then this is a problem that every FB user is facing and you cant do anything about it. This might be due to downtime of website server due to scheduled maintenance or engineers might be fixing unresponsive issues in a script that function of social media website.


In case, they are able to access the Facebook account using authentic login credentials, then you need to check the network settings of your device, firewall configuration as well as host file of OS installed on your device as the technical discrepancy within any of these might be creating login issues in Facebook account.


If you are really troubled with the Facebook login issues and are not capable of implementing any of these tips mentioned above, then its absolutely fine as you can contact Facebook Help Center to avail much needed assistance and get Facebook login issues fixed in a matter of seconds.

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