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If there was an official customer service number for Facebook, it would have been really great for Facebook users, who are facing trouble while accessing their account. They could have availed the assistance from experts in the hour of need without even breaking a sweat.

However, the reality is quite different, it is more like bailing out the ocean with a bucket for Facebook. Yes! You heard it right! It is quite insane to expect technical support for Facebook directly through the phone when you are not alone in the queue who is facing issues or need assistance and tips to use Facebook efficiently. There are over 1.98 billion monthly active users on FB and more than million of problems are reported daily on Facebook help center.

How to avail help from Official Facebook Customer Care?

The social media Giant- Facebook has made available a help page for its users, where they can report problems, ask for assistance and tips about latest features or browse their query for relevant answers from experts.

If the users find assured solutions for their issues, then they can implement that tips to troubleshoot the issues on their own. However, if the user fails to fix the problems with the help of the range of tips specific to the issue mentioned in the help page; then he/she should prefer consulting experts by availing Facebook technical support from any reliable third-party company for instantaneous troubleshooting.

Top 7 Common Reported Issues of Facebook of 2017 That Requires Facebook Help Number

It is next to impossible to predict the problems, which is going to occur in future. Be it technical problems or any other personal issues, you can’t be certain about the cause and nature of the problems. So, the trouble you are facing might be horrendous or simple. Here is the list of issues, which has been predominately reported by Facebook users in 2017.

  • Facebook Login issues
  • The login issues of Facebook are quite common and even majorly reported by Facebook users. The most obvious cause behind the log in issues is either you are providing wrong login credentials while attempting to log in or your account has been hacked. In both conditions, you are required to recover your Facebook account immediately by availing help via contact number of Facebook.

  • Blocked Facebook Account issues
  • It is a quite critical issue, which might lead to losing your account forever. It needs a technical hand to get it fixed. Wasting more time is big no! Try reaching out to the professionals through Facebook customer support number available round the clock at the service of the customers.

  • Facing trouble to integrate Uber in Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook has introduced the latest feature, which lets you integrate Uber and Lyft in your Facebook messenger and get a ride through your messenger. You just need to tap on the address and book your ride. Facebook has been never this much fun. Isn’t it?. In case, you need assistance to integrate this feature in your messenger try contacting experts via Facebook phone number.

  • Facing trouble to use Instant Articles on iOS and android device
  • The “Instant articles” is one of the incredible features of Facebook introduced recently. Once you enable this feature, you can flaunt your writing skills and share it with the world. If you are facing issues in using this feature, you can contact on Facebook Customer Service Number for expert assistance.

  • Unable to customize the news feed on Facebook
  • If you are not aware, how to customize your news feed according to your preferences, ask the experts to assist you and help you get rid of the unwanted posts from acquaintances.

  • Facing trouble to go live on Facebook
  • The Facebook’s live streaming feature is one of the most trending features among the users. It enables you to capture the moments and share it with the world by going live. However, if you find issues in using these features, you might take help from the professionals anytime around the clock.

  • Facing trouble to send money via Facebook Messenger
  • Are you trying to send money through your Facebook messenger app? Despite following the steps, starting from adding a debit card to adding the account details, the messenger is continually flashing an error message. Don’t worry, you can consult with the experts for immediate help.

How to contact experts through Facebook Customer Service phone number?

In the hour of need, when you are facing any prolonged horrendous issue in your Facebook and looking for expert assistance immediately, try contacting on Facebook Toll-Free number. The skilled professionals are available all the time at the help desk for imparting impeccable troubleshooting.

“Through our range of toll-free numbers specific to the problem encountered, we have made a collaborative interface that ensures smarter, faster and efficient communication channel between customers zand experts"

Each executive working for Facebook Tech Support is highly qualified and specialized in resolving Facebook related tech-aches efficiently, without making you wait for long. Moreover, there is a special team for every specific issue to provide instant and comprehensive service to all the customers approaching them.

Why contacting Support for Facebook is the best way to tackle technical errors?

We know that you can’t even afford a second of separation from your favorite pastime- Facebook, as it provides many incredible features to use. In order to make sure that the user enjoys smooth access to Facebook without any hiccups, the experts of Facebook Customer Service have joined hands to impart quality services to the users, without killing much of their time.

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